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Problem Child Lyrics - AC/DC - Ultimate 80s Songs


Problem Child Lyrics – AC/DC

I’m hot And when

I’m not

I’m cold as ice

See me comin’

Step aside

Or pay the price

What I want I take

What I don’t I break

And I don’t want you

With a flick of my knife

I can change your life

There’s nothing you can do Cause

I’m a problem child

Make my stand

No man’s land

On my own

Man in blue

It’s up to you

The seed is sown

What I want I stash

What I don’t I smash

N’ you’re on my list

Dead or alive

Got a .45 N’

I never miss

Cause I’m a problem child

Every night Street light

I drink my booze

Some run Some fight

I win they lose

What I need I like

What I don’t I fight

N’ I don’t like you

So say bye bye

While your still alive

Cause your time is due

Cause I’m a problem child

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