Top 5 Wedding Songs

100’s of songs battled it out to see which 5 songs from the 80’s were the best wedding songs. We asked our wedding expert from Mimi Taylor, to help us select the right ones. Mimi Taylor has hosted 100s of weddings and posts opinionated articles such as wedding fonts, event planning, decor, DIY and more. […]

Art + Music = Love

Thanks to Dan Rojaz for drawing such an amazing piece of art. Dan is a graphic designer that appreciates 80s music. His favorites 80s are David Bowie, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and more. He is also a guitar player. Thank you for providing us with artwork! Thank you for the read!

Rick and Morty Love 80s Music

Let’s all enjoy the Rick dance! Rick and Morty make me remember about the good all days (the 80s of course). If you haven’t seen the video about PLEASE check it out, there will be no regrets. Also, remember to Watch Rick and Morty Season 1 and rick and morty season 2 at Fake Doors,

Train to 80s Music with YHF & YHC

Thank you Your House Fitness & Your House Clinic for the support! You have always believed in our vision to spread 80s music across the world! YHF & YHC offer in home and condo personal training, as well as personal training in studio and the kinesiologist in the GTA. You’ll always find hits such as Hall & Oats, […]