Smoky Mountain Rain - Ronnie Milsap

I thumbed my way from LA back to Knoxville
I found those bright lights aint where I belonged
From a phone booth in the rain I called to tell her
I've had a change of dreams, I'm comin' home
But tears filled my eyes when I found out she was gone

Smoky Mountain rain, it keeps on fallin'
I keep on callin' her name
Smoky mountain rain, I'll keep on searchin'
Can't go on hurtin' this way
She's somewhere in the Smoky Mountain rain

I waved a diesel down outside a cafe
He said he was goin' as far as Gatlinburg
I climbed up in the cab all wet and cold and lonely
I wiped my eyes and told him about her
To find her can you make these big wheels burn?

I can't blame her for lettin' go
A woman needs someone warm to hold
I feel the rain runnin' down my face
I'll find her no matter what it takes


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