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Ultimate '80s Songs FAQ

This FAQ should answer any questions you may have about this website. Please read it carefully. If you still need to write, an email address is at the bottom. Thanks for visiting Ultimate '80s Songs!

Q: Why are there are songs that aren't from the '80s?Answer
Q: Why don't you have a particular song on your site?Answer
Q: Can you send me a zipped file with all the lyrics in it?Answer
Q: Where can I get a recorded copy of a particular song?Answer
Q: Where are the MP3's?Answer
Q: Do you know what song has the lyrics that go like this .... ?Answer
Q: Why don't you change the layout?Answer
Q: Will you exchange links with me?Answer
Q: Falco sang "Der Kommissar," not After the Fire!Answer

Q: There are songs on this page that aren't from the '80s! You have songs from the '70s and the '90s!

A: Yep. They either have an '80s "feel" (in our opinion) or else we listened to them a lot in the '80s (e.g. The Eagles).

Q: Why don't you have "(Name of particular song)" on your page? It was such a great song, I can't believe it's not on this page!!

A: In the majority of cases, it's either because we don't like the song (remember, this is a subjective list), or we've never heard of it. Other times we do know the song, but we just didn't like it. You may be able to find your song lyrics by following some of the suggestions here.

Q: Can you send me a zipped file with all the lyrics in it?

A: Sorry, no.

Q: Do you know where I can get a recorded copy of "(Name of Song)?" Can you make me a copy?

A: We've tried to include sources of CDs for each song on my list. Sorry, we can't make copies of songs from our music library, but here are some more suggestions on how you can locate a song:

Q: Where is the MP3 for this song?

A: Whenever possible, we have linked to MP3's available for purchase on

Q: I'm involved in a lyrics contest and I have to find out what song has the lyrics "....... ...... ........." (Or, this song is going through my head and it's driving me crazy because I can't remember what it's called.) Can you identify it?

A: You can try asking at the newsgroup. (If you don't know how to use your newsreader, you can also browse or search messages through Google.) Or try a search engine that will allow to you search for a phrase (we like Google). For example, if you know the lyrics go, "whistling in the graveyard," you would type that phrase, exactly like that, in the Google search box (with quotes) and press search. If you get no returns, try a different phrase that you remember. The more unique the phrase, the better.

Q: Why don't you change the layout? It's ugly (hard to use, blinding me...) and you should use frames.

A: We like the way it looks. When we created the page, frames weren't even an option, and now that they are, well...

Q: Will you trade links with me?

A: You are welcome to send us the URL to your site. We'll take a look, and if we think it would be interesting or helpful to those visiting this site, we may add it to the list of links. If we don't, please don't be offended. You may link to our page without permission.

Q: Falco sang "Der Kommissar," not After the Fire!

A: Actually, they both sang it, and both were popular, but the version by After the Fire is the one that we remember and love. Per Billboard, "Though Falco's version of the song was popular worldwide, the English group After The Fire reached No. 5 in the U.S. with an English language version of the song in 1983. Early-day MTV supported both versions of the song, however."

FAQ written March 10, 1998; Last revised on April 7, 2009


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